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The Definitive Autoresponder Frequency Guide. How Frequently Should You Email Your Listing? ðŸ¤”


Everyone seems to hold an imperceptibly offbeat verdict when it comes to how regularly to email your list. If you email too regularly - marketers argue – you'll bother people into unsubscribing. 


If you don't send often enough, subscribers don't remember who you are, potentially losing money from not mailing more often, etc.


How often you mail will depend on an entire army of factors, from which niche you're in, how you reached the subscribers in the original place, whether you write friendly emails people love or nails-on-chalkboard emails, and so forth.


This said, we do know from experience that the following autoresponder schedule works adequately for most marketers. It's based upon what it takes to establish a long-term positive relationship. Explore to adjust it according to the results of your own testing. Learn more inside!

The Definitive Autoresponder Frequency Guide

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