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SEO & PR Need to Work Together

In today's digital landscape, the relationship between PR and SEO is a crucial aspect of any comprehensive marketing strategy. By collaborating and aligning your efforts, you can achieve amplified visibility, improved keyword rankings, and enhanced content performance. Read on to discover the significance of this dynamic partnership.

The Vital Role of Digital PR in Search Engine Visibility Earlier this year, John Mueller from Google emphasized the significance of digital PR, stating that it is as crucial as addressing technical SEO issues. Surprisingly, many PR teams operate with little to no input from SEO experts. However, in the realm of digital PR, this disconnect makes no sense. Even traditional PR teams should consider the online impact of their messaging. For instance, does that captivating tagline resonate when searched? It's astonishing how often PR teams overlook this critical step, allowing potential search traffic to vanish into the void.

To maximize the impact of your PR campaigns, ensure that you search relevant taglines and phrases to see how they appear on Google. Then, optimize a webpage on your site for those terms, ensuring that you rank for them. This approach guarantees that your PR efforts translate into tangible online visibility.

Digital PR offers an obvious alignment with SEO. In-article links and brand mentions not only boost brand awareness but also drive direct traffic and increase organic searches. Furthermore, they contribute to the trust and authority of your website, especially when featured in reputable online publications with high readership and domain ratings.

Search engines still rely on links to establish connections and rank websites for specific search queries. While many SEO link-building campaigns fall short in terms of quality, digital PR campaigns that place original, high-quality content on topically relevant, authoritative sites are like gold dust for organic performance.

Amplify Impact with the Combination of PR and SEO The combination of PR and SEO yields a greater impact on overall visibility. The same holds true for social media, which encompasses elements like reviews, tweets, shares, and posts on your business's social channels, in addition to comments on articles. All these factors contribute to expanding the reach of your initial PR release. Paid social media can also play a significant role in boosting various posts to a wider audience.

Linking to your press releases from your own website offers several advantages:

  • Associating page value with your linked page.

  • Exposing your brand to the readership of the page.

  • Increasing brand and product awareness.

  • Helping Google establish the association between your brand and the copied content.

While SEO links and PR links differ in focus, they often align and complement each other in many ways. PR managers often encounter situations where the published copy deviates from their original writing. Online publications frequently omit links, and getting a follow link that passes page value and association is rare. However, it's essential to know that having your company, brand, product, or service mentioned in a quality article—despite the lack of links—still allows Google to associate your company with the page's content and the website it resides on.

Leveraging SEO Tactics in Digital PR How can an SEO team add value and support your PR efforts? While digital knowledge is becoming more integrated into the PR landscape, there is still limited understanding of how search engines work and how they assess the value of mentions or links. Therefore, the first step an SEO professional can take is to educate the PR team on how earned media impacts search visibility.

To enhance your PR efforts, consider the following tactics:

  • Always request a link when engaging in PR activities.

  • If a link is not available, include your company name and homepage URL within the text, which is a good practice regardless.

  • Pay attention to link structure, using relevant anchor text (ideally brand or product name)

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