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How Karmic Management Influences Our Business


Dedication to responsible and ethical practices defines Vo’s Sky Agency approach to business.


Our Approach to Business is defined in values such as the oriental understanding of Karma: Ying and Yang. In the sense that there is forces in the universe such as negative and positive energy. Their balance comes to how karma equalizes the energy flow and irons out all the ripples in the multi-dimensional planes. It is an old wives tale that Yin and yang is good versus evil. Knowingly or unknowingly, it applies to our day-to-day lives as well. In reality, this concept is what drives our business core values; The virtue of today will be tenfold as beneficial to you tomorrow in the form of new customers, deals, clients, and increased revenue. This is our Code of Conduct which is backed by individual integrity and professional conduct. It outlines our expectations of behavior for every team member and others working on our behalf and serves as a bridge between our purpose, our values, and our processes and policies. 

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